Hakkaisan Yukimuro 3 aged snow sake


This Junmai Ginjo Genshu sake was matured alongside and chilled by a massive amount of snow stored in the same insulated room, known as our “Yukimuro”. This method of storing food at low temperatures, using the abundant snow provided by nature, has been used traditionally in our snowy region of Uonuma, Japan for centuries. From the cold of the snow alone, temperature is naturally kept stable at 3 degrees Celsius without the use of electricity. After three years, the sake becomes round and very smooth.

Alcohol 17.0%
sake meter value -1.0
acidity 1.5
amino acid 1.3
koji rice used Yamadanishiki
brewing rice used Gohyakumangoku , Yukinosei
rice-polishing ratio 50%



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