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The creation of Sake World started with first Lion Oriental Foods. (A family owned business in Local Western Australia) who first imported Japanese Sake to Perth to meet the demands of local – Japanese who can access their favourite sake that reminds them of their hometown.

As the economy and market were continuously changed which impacted a shift with the market. Western influence was massively growing internationally which made an impact throughout the world. Access to a diverse range of Japanese alcoholic beverages was difficult to come by, more Australian’s were seeking their favourites from Japan but did not know where to go.

Sake world is the gateway from Japan to Australia having access good quality of Japanese sake and most famous alcoholic beverages. Creating a direct communication with Japan gives our customers opportunity voice what they long for and build a stronger Japanese sake community within Australia.

What drove the passion of sake?

Sandra “Queen of Sake” shares her story:

Passion for Japanese sake first started in desperation to survive in the market industry. The advantage of having access to Japanese sake was not enough to make it grow into something special. The market was not responding positively to Japanese sake strongly enough to make people want to purchase. Family owned and operated Lion Oriental Foods Co created a legacy with Japanese sake bringing access from Japan to Perth that Sandra eldest daughter of Lion Oriental Foods wanted to keep the legacy alive.

The determination to fight and make the legacy continue had captivated Sandra’s passion to create a niche market that has been formed but has not been acknowledge by Perth. Learning and understanding about sake and how we shape today’s society in appreciating this wonderful “rice brew’ was not an easy path.

Relying on Japanese friends to help translate Japanese characters and classification and categories of the sake world took focus and determination to comprehend and therefore to translate the discovery to a very young market to the sake world. Throughout the journey, it was quite difficult in knowing where to start, but the rewarding part was having a window open to the world of Japanese sake from Japan.

Sandra Passion grew further as the window of opportunity invited sake breweries and companies from Japan seeking to meet and continue to share their experience and words of wisdom of the wonderful “rice brew”.

The passion grew deeper again when sharing the new profound passion and experience with Perth having them accept who you are and appreciating your own words of wisdom willing to embrace it. “It is so rewarding when you have people trust what you say, it makes you feel you have made a difference to them that they in return will help share the love and appreciation of Japanese sake.”

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