Sake-Kura Experience

Part of my brewery experience didn’t just start with the brewery itself I wanted to explore the prefecture where each brewery resides, this in return will help broaden my insights to further enhance my appreciation to Japanese culture. Culture itself plays a very prominent part in Japanese sake without culture sake is just sake. Each prefecture offers a different culture and traditions. Signatures dishes well know in Japanese cuisine are the best on where it was originated from. You have to experience to understand.

Hakutsuru Sake Brewery

Resides in Kobe in Hyogo prefecture which close to Osaka. Osaka area being famous for Okonomiyaki I have been told. It is a city lifestyle which you can feel luxury.

Hakutsuru Sake Brewery relives and displays traditions to make locals and tourists understand the history behind the mass- production of sake in today’s markets. Enjoyed and purchased by Japanese locals all around Japan. Specialised selection of Hakutsuru sake advances to internationally market which further is appreciated around the world.


Sawahime Sake Brewery


A master behind the brand. Sawahime means princess and Master Hiroshi Inoue nurtures and cultivates his sake like a princess. Loving his prefecture he uses only ingredients from his homeland. Sake opens up another universe of appreciation, the ingredients play a strong part which symbolising its origin being a witness to the love of brewer in real life is a great honour. Tochigi prefecture also represents different traditions and formalities compared to city dwellers you can feel more relaxed and at peace away from the city.


Hakkaisan Sake Brewery


This is the land where the Japanese say makes the best sake. Being surrounded by mountains and natural waterfalls brewers can bring their pride into life. The prefecture best delicacies believe or not is vegetables to grow vegetables in this land you have access to most delicious source of vegetable produce.

The area is peaceful and definitely, you can feel like day trip getaway from the city you don’t see pacts of city buildings but mainly houses unless you in the city area even then only see 1 big supermarket.

Hakkaisan Sake Brewery takes high pride in their sake. Most breweries aim effortlessly to recreate a style of sake only known to the brewery itself. Aiming to perfect how they polished the rice and to the fermentation in the sake making process is captivating.

Using techniques which are sometimes non-traditional but in order to bring something totally unique and special breweries tend to explore other avenues. Sake World is ever so advancing and is limitless to where it can go and what can be discovered.