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Ranman Junmai Daiginjo


Akita prefecture is very famous for its original rice Akita Komachi. They have also invented Akita Sake Komachi only to brew sake from their best quality rice. After being fermented by Akita Koji (yeast) in a low temperature for over 5 weeks, this sake is aged for 12 months to become a smooth, rich and elegant flavoured Daiginjo with a beautiful flowery fragrance. Comes in a vivid purple-blue bottle with 1920’s retro artwork. This is a high-quality Daiginjo with sweetness & layers of richness.

Manufacturer: Akita Meijo
Origin: Akira, Japan
Seimaibuai: 40%
Alcohol: 16.0%
Ingredients: Akita Sake Komachi
Yeast: Komachi kobo

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