Oku-no-kami Junmai


Warm, visible presence soft cream, banana perfectly noticeable as soon as I tasted,
Umami is present towards medium, with a dry tail that doesn’t linger but cuts off short.
That short tail is just enough bite, but it is telling me that I should try again. So, this experience of the sake it kind of is like teasing you and sometimes some sakes do give that experience.
It is like telling me let me show something but not too much, you have tried me again to see more.
So, this sake is definitely controlling me, feel a bit bluffed and I am not totally annoyed with how the sake is making me react.
Room temperature Shines : For this profile what kind of drinker will like this? Saugvinon blanc, to carb sav,carbernet shiraz , Riesling . Because it is not too soft, and not too dry, quite well balance with the whole profile as you drink to suit these types of drinkers.


Rice: Hattan-nishiki (Hiroshima)

RPR: 55%,

Yeast: 1601,

SMV: -,

Acidity: –
Serving Temp: Cold (10-15°C), Room (20°C), Warm (45°C)

Brewery:Toshimaya Sake Brewery

Prefecture: Tokyo, Japan

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