Initially, our bodies have “the self-regulating function” to maintain good health. But various symptoms will develop when the function weakens due to busyness, physical stress or aging. Yomeishu is a herbal health tonic that acts on the weakened self-regulating function of the body to regulate general conditions and leads to good health. Drinking Yomeishu will promote blood circulation and blood flow, and the active medicinal ingredients circulate throughout the body to penetrate into the whole body. Then, whole body metabolism is activated to regulate function, and various symptoms are improved.

Yomeishu is a herbal liqueur using more than 10 types of herbs immersed in a wine base and matured for two months. This manufacturing method differs from the current popular method, where ingredients are extracted easily.
An adult: Please take it before 20mL, three times a day, a time before a meal or going to bed once.


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Origin Komagane 駒ヶ根市
Alcohol 14%
Size 1000ml

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