Ima-nishiki Junmai Ginjo “Miyama”


Comparison with the different temperatures with the sake. At room temperature, there is more play it has a vibrant personality due to the never-ending bouquet of aromas, and the palate is balanced as the body is quite -medium to medium
At cold, you can say the more drinkable and super smooth polishing ratio is 55%really that refine quality experience it brings out a richer experience, the pairing suggests seafood such as fatty tuna, Otoro, Chutoro, Akami, Maguro
Fresh oysters, that richer profile would be able to cleanse away the flavour of the sea, which marries the true flavour of the oyster.
At one point I also can see meats as well, wagyu, but sake must only be sipped while the wagyu is the palate to melt and break down the palate.
Sake with richer characteristics can be used as magic to break down tough meats in the palate.

Aroma: citrus, stone fruits, banana, undertones pineapple

Taste: Full mouthfeel, intensity rich & vibrant ready to play 

Food Pairings
● Fish – Tuna, Salmon, Kingfish (Sashimi), Caviar
● Shellfish – Lobster, Prawn, Scallop (Grilled)
● Butter, Cream


Category: Junmai Ginjo

Rice: Miyama-nishiki (Nagano)

RPR: 55%,

Yeast: Nagano Alps Yeast,

SMV: -1,

Acidity: 1.7
Serving Temp: Cold (10-15°C)

Brewery: Yonezawa Sake Brewery

Prefecture: Nagano, Japan

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