Suzukagawa Junmai Ginjo


This bottle features an Ise-katagami pattern called ‘Bamboo Basket’. The pattern depicts a basket made of woven bamboo, filled with peonies, chrysanthemums, and plums. Innate in the design are wishes for a bountiful harvest.

Aromas: banana, cherry, muscat, almond, undertones, apricot and hint of sneaky rock melon.Circulating banana all the way through.

Taste: Elegant sweetness and acidity on the palate. Which highlights some lovely subtle vibrancy,

Concentrated flavours with an almost jewel-like transparency lead to a rich finish. Perfectly balancing aroma and taste, this sake is best served slightly chilled.

Food pairings: Agedashi tofu, sashimi, ponzu ceviche snapper, 


Category:Junmai Ginjo

Rice Polishing: 60%

Prefecture: Mie Prefecture

Brewery: Shimizu Seizanburo Shoten 

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