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Joyo Junmai Ginjo


“Joyo,” means “pure water” in Japanese, and the brewery takes pride in using water from 100 meters below the ground of the brewery as subsoil water of the Kizu River. This underground water is known for being rich in minerals and free from contaminants, making it ideal for brewing high-quality sake.

Taste Notes

Ripe banana is lively and pleasant, with delicate honey notes, undertones or dark cherries.

The fresh and mellow taste of rice has an elegant acidity and sharp taste that balances the whole.


Category: Junmai Ginjo

Alc: 15%

Rice: 100% Yamadanishiki from Hyogo prefecture

Rice polishing: 55%

Recommend serving: cold to room temperature

Brewery: Joyo Sake brewery

Prefecture: Kyoto

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